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In 1998, PayPal heralded the commoditization of payments – decoupling payments from customer support, merchants from consumers and driving a consistent rise in shopping cart abandonment – increasing friction and fractionalization of other digital payment methods. As part of the invention of the new financial paradigm, Ingk acquired ORCA, Inc. in 2012 for inclusion in its Payz cloud service. Payz represents a fundamental change in every aspect of how consumers transact with the world as the core of the new financial ecosystem.

Payz is digital commerce reimagined with a consumer-centric focus – providing a cloud-based payments, loyalty and stored value solution coupled with the most advanced cross-merchant analytics platform on the market. Consumers will be able to load their Payz account with legacy credit cards, ACH, bill pay mechanisms and cash at more than 300,000 locations nationwide. Payz is launching with select Fortune 1000 and marquee brands in June.

About Ingk Labs

Ingk Labs, a privately held New York IP accelerator, and venture investment arm Ingk Ventures (collectively “Ingk”) is implementing an ambitious strategy to disrupt large global markets that intersect electronic finance and cashless commerce. Ingk has hastened its acquisitions of seminal, latent intellectual property (IP/patents) for its growing portfolio in electronic payments (banked and unbanked), corporate philanthropic banking, barter (cashless commerce), and revolutionary developments in security beyond encryption.

Each of the recent Ingk acquisitions leverages the economies of the others. Ingk is investing in a variety of disruptive technologies to enable a new financial ecosystem that is open and consumer-centric, and not burdened with legacy infrastructure, costs, and confusion. We believe consumers should be able to transact anywhere, anytime, in any medium, and businesses should be empowered with deep consumer insight to delight their customers in every interaction.

Ingk exits include PowerSet to Microsoft (now Bing) in 2009 for ~ $100M and InstantService to Oracle in 2010 in a $1B rollup with ATG. Recently, Ingk acquired GSI Commerce spinout ORCA, Inc. – the PayPal killer, according to GigaOM.

Ingk implements its innovative model via direct investment into its portfolio as well as investment through its fund. This enables the company to: 1) find distressed/undervalued IP, 2) take operational control of such technologies through acquisition, 3) utilize the IP to create global market disrupters that are synergistic with previous acquisitions, and 4) exit the acquisitions at high multiples within 12-18 months.

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