Grow your network

By referring people to Payz you can earn commission every time they make a payment using their Payz account. Anyone can join the Payz Affiliate Program – the potential really is unlimited.

What’s the catch?

There isn’t one!

Payz is a trusted payment solutions provider offering instant, safe and convenient payment services across the globe, so referring your customers to us is simple.

Becoming a Payz Affiliate is easy and with access to a personal Affiliate Manager to get you started, we can help you grow and increase your revenue.

How does it work?

Payz Affiliates get paid a guaranteed revenue share on all their referrals’ purchases – with weekly payouts. Spend your earnings anywhere using a Payz card or Payz Business card linked to your Payz account.

We’ll give you access to a range of texts, logos and reports to help kickstart your role as a Payz Affiliate. And to maximise your referrals, we’ll help you to personalise your landing pages and support local payment options. We’re on your side.

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